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 A new Mining Code, adopted in Burkina Faso on 26th June 2015: The National Council for the Transition has adopted a new Mining Code establishing in particular the creation of a 'Local Development Fund', 'an Environmental Rehabilitation Fund”, “a Fund for the Rehabilitation, Security of Artisanal Mining Sites and the fight against the use of Prohibited Chemicals ", a" fund for the financing of geological and mining research as well as training support on earth sciences ".
As a major innovation, Mining companies will be taxed by ordinary fiscal scheme.
The new Code was transmitted to the President of the Republic who has 21 days to promulgation (Source: CNT)

 Karma Gold Mine: Adoption of the Community Liaison Committee wording and creation of the organ by all stakeholders in presence of the General Secretary of the Ministry of Mines & Energy and the governor of Northern Region on 26th June 2015 (Source:

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