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Project Location and Access

Dossi project is located in the Tuy province, at the east of Hounde town and 260 km west of Ouagadougou, the capital city of Burkina Faso.

Access of the site is by the main paved highway from Ouagadougou to Hounde (250km) and further 10 km of gravel row to the south.

Access of the site is by the main paved highway from Ouagadougou to Hounde (250km) and further 10 km of gravel row to the south.

The project area covered the Dossi permit that host the Dossi zone 1 and Dossi zone 2 gold occurences and the Bansie permit that contains an extension Dossi  Zone 1.

Project Geology

Dossi gold project is located in Hounde birimian age Greenstone Belt in Western Burkina Faso that also hosts the SEMAFO Mana deposit.

The main rock types in the Hounde district are Proterozoic supracrustal units intruded by a series of granitoids and dolerite dykes. The Proterozoic sequence comprises amphibolite at base to youngest tarkwaian sedimentary rocks (in faulted contact with basement). Granitoids include an older series containing a well-developed fabric and two younger granitoid suites

The regional crustal structure is a major NNE-SSW sinistral shear zone underlined by “Tarkwaian” sediments band that comprises sandstones and conglomerates. This main regional structure is stepped by several NW-SW faults. The tarkwaian rocks cut through a Mafic to intermediate volcanic package. A minor metasediment unit is present to the East of the project area.

The whole is in contact to the east with a granitic domain.

In the Dossi area the gold occurrences are associated with the shear zone.


Mineralization is epithermal vein type mineralization. Gold occurrences are associated with a major shear zone and correspond either to:

-         boudinaged high grade quartz veins (hosted by schistozed greenstone) or

-          hydrothermalized silica rich zones with carbonates and oxidized sulphides.

Boudinaged quartz contains free gold and sulphides such as pyrite, arsenopyrite, pyrrhotite, sphalerite and galena.

Drilling in Bansie license located at the North of the Dossi zone 1 show multiple parallel quartz veins oriented north-south with several gold intercepts.

Mineral Resource

Dossi deposit resources are estimated by ACC to be more than 400,000 ounces.

(source company web site / press releases).

NB: Some of the figures are modified from company public data

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