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11 January 2015

Zoom Mine N°01:Presenting the Burkina Chamber of Mines (CMB)

11 January 2015

(Burkina-Emine) – The first edition of the TV show Zoom Mine was dedicated to the Presentation of the Burkina Chamber of Mines. With Dr. Elie Justin Ouedraogo, President of the CMB as a guest, this issue introduced the CMB through its organization and functioning.

Presentation of Burkina Chamber of Mines

Honour where honour is due!

Dr. Elie Justin OUEDRAOGO President of the CMB

Dr. Elie Justin OUEDRAOGO President of the CMB

Zoom Mine is a TV Magazine initiated by the Burkina Chamber of Mines aiming at promoting and increasing public awareness and knowledge on mining sector and activities.

The main points reviewed during this edition are related to the Chamber of Mines’ genesis, the role and contribution of the CMB to the development of the mining sector, perception of the CMB is by the different actors of the mining sector in Burkina and elsewhere and the main perspectives for an harmonious influence of the mining sector in Burkina.

CMB aims and activities

From its three years of existence, the CMB is now the organisation that brings together the private actors of the mining sector in Burkina Faso. The main objective of the Burkina Chamber of Mines is to promote the interests of its members but also to strengthening the relationship between the government and the private actors. It has the following specific objectives:

  • Represent the common interests of its members and mining industry as a whole;
  • Promote, develop and represent, in partnership with the State, the competitiveness of mining sector in Burkina Faso
  • Communicate and exchange information related to mining sector with other chambers of mines, National Institutions as well as International Organisations related to mining industry in Africa and beyond;
  • Identify and promote cooperation with any organisation, association or institution with similar objectives as the Burkina Chamber of Mines;
  • Undertake various types of transactions aiming at achieving directly or indirectly the objectives, extension and development of the Burkina Chamber of Mines.

Public opinion about mining in Burkina

On the TV panel, Dr. Elie Justin OUEDRAOGO welcomes the performance of its institution regarding to all activities that worked well but do not lose sight of the shortcomings and want to focus the CMB towards the actions that have to happen for a better notoriety of this institution.

Within the main shortcomings, Dr. Ouedraogo raised the Communication issue as the mining sector is misunderstood by the populations.  Many pre-conceived ideas and misconceptions exist within the local populations and the CMB, said Dr. Ouedraogo, has to increase the public opinion awareness of the mining activities and to give to Burkinabè “an accurate perception of the mining sector”.

With the guest it was also question of transparency in the extractive industries for a win-win partnership between the state, mining companies and local communities. For Dr. Ouedraogo, each actor must be aware of its role while taking advantage of the mining activity.

CMB is actively involved in discussions regarding amendment of Burkina Faso mining code to the benefit of the local populations. These populations have to benefit from the growth of the mining sector and at the same time fair conditions should be set to make possible the companies viability and contribution to the development of the national economy through payment of taxes to the state.

Referring to the issues related to the environment, the President of the CMB explained that members of the Chamber are all aware of the impact of their activity to the environment and work together with the state department in charge of these questions for the compliance with the highest standards.

The happy end of this first edition was the guest satisfactions on the social achievements of IAMGOLD Essakane SA to the benefit of the displaced population of the city.

 Chamber of Mine of Burkina (translated by Burkina-emine)




About Burkina Chamber of Mines (CMB)

The CMB is a non-profit association established in July 2011 to represent the interest of the private mining sector in Burkina. It currently has about fifty local and international member companies operating in the mining and exploration as well as in geological services (analysis laboratories, research firms, mining contractors…).

11 January 2015

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11 January 2015
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