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12 July 2012

Research permit

      Documents making up the application file:

    • an application sent to the Minister of Mines;
    • the identity and address of the applicant or his representative;
    • the mineral substances prospected;
    • the definition of summits of the requested perimeter;
    • the requested area that should be less than 250 km2 ;
    • the extract of the topographical map at 1/200.000 locating the perimeter of the application;
    • the proof the applicant is not in a situation of bankruptcy or winding-up
    • the program of works planned by the applicant during the first year of validity of the permit;
    • the payment receipt of the fixed duty is to be produced in a deadline of 10 working days after the approval of the application

    Attribution: by decree taken in the Council of Ministers

    Term: 3 years renewable twice for a period of 3 years;

    Application processing deadline: 2 months maximum after submission of the complete application file.

    Renewal procedure

    Application: Submitted at the Mining Cadastre in 3 copies, with acknowledgment of receipt at least 3 months before the expiration of the term.

      Documents making up the application file:

    • an application sent to the Minister of Mines;
    • the substances for which the renewal is requested;
    • the prospecting program planned for the following year;
    • the payment receipt of the fixed duty;
    • the definition of the perimeter and the corresponding area in case of reduction of the area.

    NB: at the 2nd renewal, the area must be reduced by at least the quarter as compared to the initial area granted.

    Attribution: by decree of the Minister of Mines

    Renewal application processing deadline: 3 months maximum after submission of the complete application file.

    Other possibilities given to the permit holders:

    Extension to other substances: substances other than the ones indicated in the attribution or renewal order.

    Extension of the geographical perimeter: can be requested on condition that the perimeter requested is contiguous to the initial permit and which total area is not exceeding 250 km².

    Transfer: upon application sent to the Minister of Mines processed and making sure that the assignee complies with all the requirements relating to the works and that the transferee offers, to the assignee at least the same guarantees of obligation implementation

    Transmission: upon application sent by the heirs to the Minister of Mines in a deadline of 6 months after the decease of the holder.

    Partial or total waiving: authorized at any time but must however be approved by the Mining Administration.

    Source: Decree n°2005-047/PRES/PM/MCE of 3 February 2005 / MMCE Site web

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